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For any middle school or high school student who is regularly struggling with school work, our video, Great Homework Study Skills, is the perfect solution. In this comprehensive program, students will enjoy an entertaining story while learning how to study better, become better organized, comprehend more, and be a better student in general.

Five Star Educational produces the highest quality educational DVD and VHS products for parents, library media specialists, educators, children and young adults. We believe that learning should always be fun, entertaining and educational. See our full line of products by clicking here to visit our main web site

Great Homework Study Skills for Middle High School

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  • Great time management skills
  • Effective note taking methods
  • Proven learning strategies
  • Effective memorization techniques

Four young people at Laurel Sharon Wisconsin High School have more in common than their friendships. All of them are coming up short lately in the homework and study skills department.

Sign on any time to our secure website and complete the course at your own pace. Our system will automatically save your progress. This is a huge improvement over traditional wisconsin statute failure to stop at stop sign course because we urge you to take your time and focus on one unit at a time. You do not need to download the course in order to take it, just sign on 24/7 from any online computer, switch computers, and go at your own pace.

Also, teachers, be sure to take a look at our Great Homework Study Skills Teacher Lesson Plans for 10 thoughtfully prepared, excellent classrom excursions in teaching your students great study skills. Our wisconsin right of way laws was developed for the Middle School level, and the other for the High School level. Both are used in conjunction with the same great VHS or DVD video,Great Homework Study Skills.

Teacher Lesson Plans for Great Homework Study Skills

Lesson plans

Great Homework Study Skills Teacher's Manual

Ten Teacher Lesson Plans

One Guide is Available for Middle School Teachers (Grades 6-8)

Another Guide is for High School Teachers (Grades 9-12)

By Mary L. Dennis, 2004

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The academic roadmap thoughtfully laid out in this exciting teacher's manual may well be the most important educational excursion your students ever take! What could be more important or more central to lifelong education than learning the very best ways to learn? Every great teacher realizes that the purpose of education is to aquire the ability to study and efficiently integrate any knowledge that one desires to learn. Learn reading comprehension strategies, study skills, and much more.

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Learning how to learn is important for just about everyone since learning continues throughout one's lifetime. At this web site, we've connected you to the best learning resources available. By using our video and teacher's guide and exploring the links provided, you'll have everything you need to increase your learning ability. Or if you're a parent or teacher, these educational resources will help i comprehensive site.

Please take a few moments to see everything our site has to offer. Visit our Taking Better Classroom Notes page for some quick tips to improve your note taking abilities. Our Homework Help page connects you to helpful homework tips, tools, and homework reference sites. Our Links provide helpful resources for even more homework and learning tips, educational games and more.

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