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It's perplexing that most elementary, middle school and high school curriculua don't teach fundamental homework and study skills. The truth is that most students have to be taught the best ways to learn, and that their comprehension and retention in all subjects improves remarkably as they learn how to learn. In this article, Author Mary L. Dennis shares with teachers some of her observations and anecdotes in writing the Teacher's Guides for Great Homework and Study Skills .

If you enjoy this article, be sure to check out the full Mary L. Dennis which accompany the Great Homework and Study Skills video.

Wouldn't it be great if all students were so motivated to learn that all you had to do was set them loose in a good-sized library with plenty of computer terminals, and just be on hand to answer questions? Unfortunately, students like that are rare. We all know how important it is to get them motivated to want to learn the material in a lesson for drivers ed online texas 18-24 we're about to present but there is still this question: Do they know how to learn the material?

This is a question we kept in mind as we developed the Great Homework and Study Skills for Young Adults VHS and DVD and the accompanying Teacher's Manuals, one tailored to middle school students and the other designed for high school students. I learned some interesting things while researching for the manuals. For instance:

The SQ3R method -- survey, question, read, recite, review -- is covered thoroughly in the program and manuals. Did you know it uses all three main types of learning styles—auditory, visual, and kinesthetic? Perhaps that is why it has been used so successfully for over half a century.

Students who are taught the SQ3R are surprised that they can read their assignments in less time, yet retain more of what they read.

Getting students to listen is as simple as giving them a reason to be interested in the subject. Simple? Then why don't they listen? The manual gives you some tips on how to make listening their job. Students follow the path to real learning by

  • finding a way to connect with lessons,
  • staying actively involved as they listen for the major points and the relationships among them, fitting ideas together to "get the point," and
  • summarizing and reviewing their notes to add reinforcement.

Finding a good place to study is another key factor in better academic achievement. Students use our Study Environment Evaluation Chart to zero in on the characteristics of the various areas where they study and use the results to choose the best place for them.

Many, many students are just plain disorganized and absent-minded. They can't keep track of books, test dates, and assignments. They don't know how to prioritize. These are not necessarily skills that come naturally. Students have to be taught how to systematize, and we provide tools to help.

Taking tests can create real trepidation even in the hearts of well-prepared students. They feel like they're entering a dark room with no clue where the light switch is. We show them how to turn on the lights and give a shining performance.


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