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Study Skills

Need help with time management and studying? Check out Great Homework & Study Skills for High School and Middle School Students. In this remarkably comprehensive program, which skillfully interweaves a highly entertaining story with realistic characters, middle and high school age children will learn:

  • Time management skills
  • How to become a more active listener
  • Effective note taking methods
  • Abbreviation skills
  • A proven system to dramatically improve reading comprehension
  • How to tips on how to study and learning strategies
  • Effective memorization techniques

How to tips on how to study

Four young people at Laurel Sharon High School have more in common than their long-term friendships. All of them are coming up short lately in the homework and study skills department.

Meet Kiley... She's always assumed that she could coast through school on talent alone, but now that she can't even make it through her latest design software tutorial, it might be time to rethink her attitude toward her studies.

Manny... hasn't completed an assignment on schedule in months. To him, school has always been a joke -- something he's bluffed, dodged and manipulated his way through; but with an athletic scholarship now at risk, suddenly school isn't so funny anymore.

Rainey... lives in the shadow of her brilliant parents, who have recently passed away. She lives to study, but it's gradually dawning on her that she really has no life at all. What good are straight A's if you're always miserable inside?

Jo Jo... is disgusted with his life -- his uncle, his school, his grades, you name it -- but most of all, he's disgusted with himself. Why does he always sabotage his schoolwork? Why can't he get his act together? Why does everyone think he's a washout? Call it a matter of pride, but now he definitely has something to prove.

Enter Reece Somerset, an ex-high school English teacher and quite possibly the world's greatest tutor! Now she's focusing all her energies on teaching young people how to study and learn. To top it all off, she's even cool! Not quite what Kiley, Manny, Rainey and Jo Jo were expecting. Now, they don't want to miss a single tutoring session...

Join Reece and the group as they learn how to learn. Watch what happens as the group starts applying their new skills in this highly educational and entertaining program!

If you're having any difficulties in the homework and study skills department, just watch what happens to your own performance at school once you get hold of this truly remarkable program. Being successful at school really does have its advantages.

Great Homework And Study Skills. An important resource no young person should be without. An optional study skills lesson plans guide with ten, study skills lesson plans is also available.

Program Synopsis: This educational homework and study skills resource teaches great studying tips and will improve the study skills of middle school and high school children. If you need homework help or just want to improve your study skills and learning strategies, you'll love these study skills videos! This educational resource also includes tips to help parents with their kid's homework. As with all Five Star young adult educational movies and videos, Great Homework & Study Skills is good family entertainment and makes a great school age gift idea.

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