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About Us

Five Star Educational produces and distributes the highest quality educational and entertaining DVDs, videos and teacher lesson plans to parents, schools and libraries nationwide. Our philosophy is that learning should never be boring; but rather that it should be fun, entertaining and educational. Every title we release has been carefully reviewed to meet our high quality standards and to ensure that the program is ready for the home, public library and classroom setting.

Five Star was founded in 2015 by Producer/Director Dan Sperling. Our business plan is simply to offer consistently high quality educational media to customers who will come to trust and appreciate our high standards. That's why Dan named our company Five Star Educational. We want you to feel that if you're interested in a title's content, you can trust that the quality will be there.

At Five Star we believe that quality must always go hand-in-hand with the finest customer service. As the Internet plays an ever greater role in our lives, clients should come to expect the same high ethical standards in e-commerce that they would expect when dealing face-to-face with a trusted

vendor in a neighborhood shop. At Five Star Educational, you will always be treated with courtesy, respect and a spirit of goodwill. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that each and every customer is appreciated.


At Five Star we believe that innovation is the key to growth in both our personal and business lives. That's why you'll find us offering important new subject matter that other companies may have overlooked, or bringing you a unique and distinctive approach to tried-and-true subjects. For Instance, Every Teen Has Challenges are told entirely through the eyes of young people, in their own words. foregoes voiceover narration in favor of a story told with true-to-life characters; yet it still manages to be one of the most comprehensive programs ever produced on study skills. Computer Crafts offers a wide variety of art projects that can be accomplished using software that's already available on your PC. And Magic for Kids Magic for Young Adults take a comprehensive approach to teaching young people magic, from understanding how magic works to developing one's own style of communicating with an audience.

Getting started

"Early in 2015, I realized that it was time to take our company in a new direction," Dan relates. "We were producing corporate image videos, commercials and training videos primarily for corporate and government clients, but I felt that work would be a lot more fun and fulfilling producing educational and entertaining videos for young people. I've always related well with kids, have two children of my own, and my roots are in public television."

Prior to forming Five Star Educational, Dan worked for PBS as a writer, producer and director for over ten years. He has received Georgia Addy and Emmy Awards, Bronze and Silver awards from the New York Film and Television International Competition, a National Educational Television Award and special recognition from organizations such as The Supreme Court of the State of Georgia.

Staying involved

"We really want to stay plugged into what's happening socially and educationally with young people today, so that we can remain a little in front of the wave in providing the most relevant and desirable future titles. Input that we receive from educators and parents across the country has been extremely valuable in this regard. We actively welcome and very much appreciate any suggestions you may have for future titles. Click here to e-mail us with your suggestion.


This site is owned and operated by Five Star Educational. All text, graphics, logos and site design, as well as the selection, assembly and arrangement thereof, are the sole property of Five Star Educational, Materials from this site may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Five Star Educational. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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A full range of credit cards are accepted at this website. Schools and libraries may also order by fax, e-mail or phone and we welcome your purchase orders.

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